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Yanis Bratlien

Yanis Bratlien is the coeditor of the Art section. He is an interdisciplinary artist living in Houston, Texas. Originally from Cheyenne, Wyoming, Yanis has served as an associate editor for Glass Mountain magazine in both Prose and Art, and holds a BA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from the University of Houston. He also hosted and co-produced the monthly open mic, Ekim Nepo, at notsuoH on historic Main St., and his debut folk album, Secret Libraries (ft. Chris Bratlien) is set to release [TBD]. In the past, Yanis has also hosted the 2018 100k Poets for Change Houston event, worked with the Horse Head Theater Company, has been runner up Robertson Prize in both Prose and Non-Fiction, and has apprenticed under Houston performance artist Julia Claire. 

Drawn by @the_liquid_spoon

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