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Mission Statement

We desire to create a space where stellar artists can express themselves unapologetically, free from any oppressive, earthly confines. This world isn’t just; while everyone has a different story, factors beyond our control--sexual orientation, gender identity, the color of your skin, where you’re from, and more--are often used to restrain us, suppress our experiences and attempts to channel them into art. We don’t subscribe to that; rather, we abide by the universal truth that every single person can display work that transcends time itself and draws readers in with the gravity of words, stories, and illustrations. The thoughts and experiences of the marginalized, the misrepresented, and the misfits have been eclipsed for far too long. Space City and beyond have so many voices yet to be heard, and change needs to start somewhere. We will reveal beautiful work others cannot see and will not search for. Our goal is for Space City Underground to expand the boundaries of art, orbit any topic, and travel to unexplored frontiers.

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